Self-Healing: Changing Our Inner Responses

This section teaches you how to free yourself by changing negative thoughts, attitudes, emotions and ultimately belief systems through the process of inner work.
  1. Inner Child Work – Find its root cause
    • “Why” is the first question you need to ask yourself “Why am I reacting/doing this?”
    • Identify a negative behavior (over-reacting, addictions, chronic lateness chronic lying or tendency to exaggerate…)
    • “What” is the next questions… “What did it start with?”
    • Recall the first time you’ve reacted this way (usually in child-hood)
    • Remember all the feelings and thoughts of how you felt during this time
    • By remembering the first time we had ever experiences a particular thought or emotions and its surrounding circumstances, we can begin to understand why we keep doing it in the now
    • Gain full understanding about why it happened – become your own investigator- As adults, we have the power to look back at our childhood experiences from a new perspective and understand things that were not possible to understand when we were younger. The point is not to blame. The point is to recognize that everyone who was a part of a certain experience played an active role to teach you something
  2. Grieve
  • Feel the emotions and think the thoughts that could not be expressed at the time. Cry, cry, cry. Let it all out, as surprising as it may sounds, for crying is an important part of the healing process. Acknowledge the pain or cruelty that was suffered, without understating the importance of it. The events that happened were important – they made us who we are today. It does not matter whether anyone else thinks that our experiences were easier or worse than theirs were. What is important is that they happened to us, and they hurt us. All of our experiences have helped to create all the thoughts, attitudes, and value systems and inner conflicts that we now have

3. Forgive yourself and other for what had happened (follow the steps from the forgiveness exercises)

4. Let go of the experiences (follow the white screen cut and ‘erase’ technique). This will stop the need to endlessly replay the memory and the negative though pattern


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